Electronic Package

All of our projects are designed, programmed, and built by the students. Our current package consist of a Raspberry Pi, two Arduinos, two temperature sensors, two cameras, a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, a GPS, and a microwave radio.

Instrument Package
The electronics package sent to space on Eagle 5.

Currently we are working on a new package. Eagle 6 will have the same functionality of Eagle 5 with one difference. The three layer board will now be a single board. The new and improved electronic package will feature one Raspberry Pi, without the need for Arduinos.  One of the most challenging aspect of high altitude ballooning is the four pound weight limit from FAA regulations. Therefore, the miniaturized flight computer will allow for more reliability as well as allow for more technology and experiments to be integrated into flights. The new flight computer is still in development, but we are expecting it to be ready before the next launch.

Eagle 5 vs Eagle 6
Eagle 5 is the three layer board on the top. Eagle 6 has been miniaturized for the capability of further development.

The League of Extraordinary Space Cowboys